A few facts about Hookah:

Phantasmagoria is a real mysterious poem from Lewis Carroll. No one’s sure, as far as I know, if it’s related to the art of Phantasmagoria – which you can google and learn more about if you’re interested. The Dodo in the Nasca Lines had always been a mystery, and whether it had anything to do with Lewis, especially that it’s an extinct bird now, I’m not sure. And Mr. Nobody is a real character in Carroll’s book. He’s always fascinated me. All jokes, the good the bad and the lame, are Carroll’s jokes, some of them you can find in The Hunting of the Snark and his diaries. The Inklings is real, and the facts about it are true.

As for Lewis Carroll’s migraines, there are no doubts about him suffering some kind of recurrent headache and pain. It’s documented in his diaries. There is even a missing drawing where he’d drawn his head missing half of it – split personality? Of course, Carolus Ludovicus isn’t real, but the name Lewis Carroll chose in Latin to create his Pen name. I created him to show the painful side of artists in general. In this case, I used Lewis Carroll as a vehicle. All respect and love to the people of Columbia, Peru, and Brazil; none of the storylines were meant to be anything but entertainment and mad fiction.

Lastly, I know the Pillar and Fabiola’s story is now more of a mystery, and I already got this question from my lovely beta readers: is the Pillar gone for good?

The answer is: I can’t say.

Also, I don’t have a name for Insanity 5 yet, but stay tuned. It won’t be long before it’s released.

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