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  • Мой идеальный монстр (СИ)

    Хочу читать)
  • Офицер кайзера (СИ)

    Типичный "нагибатор", да и написано настолько безграмотно и коряво хотя бы в плане правописания, что режет глаз. Но в принципе на вечер от безделья хватит.
  • Прекрасная стерва (ЛП)

    Это вообще что за фигня?! Другие имена и события

Поиск по метке: "Sherlock Holmes"

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Doyle Arthur Conan
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Test your own powers of deduction alongside those of the most celebrated detective ever to walk the streets of London or grace the pages of a book. Sherlock Holmes brings his extraordinary insight and intriguing quirks to every case he is called upon to solve—sometimes without even leaving the comfort of his Baker Street apartment. In this collection of 23 ingeniously plotted stories, no case is too big, too small, or too bizarre for Holmes. Whether he is foiling the grand schemes of a would-be bank robber or uncovering family secrets kept hidden away for years, Sherlock Holmes at all times proves himself a formidable adversary. With his trusted and always-admiring friend, Dr. Watson, at his side, “the most perfect reasoning and observing machine the world has ever seen” uses his unique analytical gifts to confound every criminal and unravel every mystery.