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  • Барон Серж де Сангре -2 (СИ)

    Очередная книга без конца!
  • Хитрости эльфийской политологии

    Интересная трилогия, как понимаю еще будет продолжение приключений.... Но на мой взгляд затянули... Очень! Все события можно было вместить в 2 книги... Ну... На 4+ тянет...
  • Характерник. Трилогия (СИ)

    Книга очень интересная. Тяжелая местами, до слез. Но оторваться невозможно. Очень благодарна автору.

Сериия книг "The Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots Series #2"

The Captive Queen of Scots - Plaidy Jean
The Captive Queen of Scots
Scotland has been torn apart by civil war and the young and passionate Catholic Mary Queen of Scots is in the hands of her enemies. Under duress, Mary abdicates in favour of her son, James VI, and fleeing to England she boldly seeks refuge from her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I. But Elizabeth has never trusted the ambitious Mary, and consequently has her imprisoned.   So begins a treacherous battle between two of history's most powerful and ruthless women. Without once meeting her cousin, Mary is held captive for nineteen years, whilst Elizabeth rules in the shadow of countless Catholic plots against her life...
Royal Road to Fotheringhay - Plaidy Jean
Royal Road to Fotheringhay
At just six days old, Mary Stuart became Queen of Scots. At just six years old she was betrothed to the Dauphin Francois, the future King of France.­Reluctantly leaving Scotland, Mary is raised in the decadent French court in preparation to become the Queen of France. But her reign with Francois is short-­lived. Widowed at just eighteen years old, Mary is once again forced to leave her home to return to Scotland. Now a Catholic queen of a Protestant country, Mary must rule with caution and choose her next husband prudently...