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    Прочитала книгу и ее продолжение. Очень понравились, даже жаль что уже прочитала... хочется еще и еще наблюдать за развитием событий))) супер
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    А мне понравилась как идея с новшествами. Да, занудство проскакивает, но интерес прочитать и узнать, что дальше превалирует. Буду ждать продолжения. Спасибо!
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    Классный роман, советую почитать!!!!

Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

Цена : 10396 руб.
  • Автор: Chantal Larose

  • Жанр: Базы данных

О книге

Learn methods of data analysis and their application to real-world data sets This updated second edition serves as an introduction to data mining methods and models, including association rules, clustering, neural networks, logistic regression, and multivariate analysis. The authors apply a unified “white box” approach to data mining methods and models. This approach is designed to walk readers through the operations and nuances of the various methods, using small data sets, so readers can gain an insight into the inner workings of the method under review. Chapters provide readers with hands-on analysis problems, representing an opportunity for readers to apply their newly-acquired data mining expertise to solving real problems using large, real-world data sets. Data Mining and Predictive Analytics, Second Edition: Offers comprehensive coverage of association rules, clustering, neural networks, logistic regression, multivariate analysis, and R statistical programming language Features over 750 chapter exercises, allowing readers to assess their understanding of the new material Provides a detailed case study that brings together the lessons learned in the book Includes access to the companion website, www.dataminingconsultant.com, with exclusive password-protected instructor content Data Mining and Predictive Analytics, Second Edition will appeal to computer science and statistic students, as well as students in MBA programs, and chief executives.