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    Мне очень понравилось:необычный сюжет, интересные герои, фантазия на грани...прочитала взахлёб, не пожалела потраченного времени)
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    Романы Поляковой супер, всегда читаю с удовольствием, ждем продолжения
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    Интересный роман, советую прочитать!!! Спасибо автору!!!!
Электронная книга

You and Your New Baby

Цена : 746 руб.
  • Автор: Anna McGrail

  • Жанр: Секс и семейная психология

О книге

A book which covers the first hours, weeks and months after birth, giving needed support. ‘Parents share their experiences about what having a baby is really like – a real plus. ’ Penelope Leach So many books cover the months of pregnancy in great detail or child development after birth. Few, however, offer new parents real practical support in the days and weeks following the birth. Many new mothers are suffering from health problems related to a difficult birth and all need reassurance and useful practical advice. The book deals with:• creating a routine • how to get a good night’s sleep and helping your baby sleep • nappy changing and other basics • sex after birth • nursing and first solids • play • bonding • postnatal depression • your needs as a couple In this book, new parents recount their experiences giving useful tips in excellent case studies. The text is designed with clear fact boxes and illustrations.