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Купить книгу Трансформация банков в условиях цифровой экономики. Сборник научных трудов студентов и аспирантов, автора Коллектива авторов
Трансформация банков в условиях цифровой экономики. Сборник научных трудов студентов и аспирантов
Сборник составлен по результатам выступлений аспирантов, студентов магистратуры и бакалавриата, организованных департаментом финансовых рынков и банков Финансового университета, в частности, на круглом столе «Будущее финансовых рынков и банков: взгляд поколения „Z“», проведенного в рамках мероприятий Международной научно-методической конференции «Образование будущего: новые кадры для новой экономики» в марте 2018 года, а также на секциях IX Международного научного студенческого конгресса «Цифровая экономика: новая парадигма развития», апрель 2018 года. Исследования студентов и аспирантов посвящены изучению проблем цифровой экономики в части реализации отдельных вопросов цифровизации банковской деятельности. Может быть использован научными работниками, преподавателями, аспирантами, студентами для исследований в области цифрового банковского дела, а также в качестве дополнительной литературы по дисциплинам банковских, финансовых технологий.
Купить книгу Организация бухгалтерского учета в кредитных организациях, автора Т. Н. Бондаревой
Организация бухгалтерского учета в кредитных организациях
Кредитные организации занимают одно из центральных звеньев в системе рыночных структур. Это организации, созданные для привлечения денежных средств юридических и физических лиц и размещения их от своего имени на условиях платности, срочности и возвратности.
Купить книгу Методические указания к выполнению лабораторных работ по дисциплине «Монетарная экономика», автора Е. В. Костырина
Методические указания к выполнению лабораторных работ по дисциплине «Монетарная экономика»
В методические указания включены лабораторные работы по дисциплине «Монетарная экономика», даны рекомендации по подготовке и проведению работ.
Купить книгу The Principles of Banking, автора Moorad  Choudhry
The Principles of Banking
The ultimate guide for bank management: how to survive and thrive throughout the business cycle An essential guide for bankers and students of finance everywhere, The Principles of Banking reiterates that the primary requirement of banking—sound capital and liquidity risk management—had been forgotten in the years prior to the financial crash. Serving as a policy guide for market practitioners and regulators at all levels, the book explains the keys to success that bankers need to follow during good times in order to be prepared for the bad, providing in-depth guidance and technical analysis of exactly what constitutes good banking practice. Accessible to professionals and students alike, The Principles of Banking covers issues of practical importance to bank practitioners, including asset-liability management, liquidity risk, internal transfer pricing, capital management, stress testing, and more. With an emphasis on viewing business cycles as patterns of stable and stressful market behavior, and rich with worked examples illustrating the key principles of bank asset-liability management, the book is an essential policy guide for today and tomorrow. It also offers readers access to an accompanying website holding policy templates and teaching aids. Illustrates how unsound banking practices that were evident in previous bank crashes were repeated during the creation of the 2007-2008 financial market crisis Provides a template that can be used to create a sound liquidity and asset-liability management framework at any bank An essential resource for the international banking community as it seeks to re-establish its credibility, as well as for students of finance Explains the original principles of banking, including sound lending policy and liquidity management, and why these need to be restated in order to avoid another bank crisis at the time of the next economic recession Covers topics of particular importance to students and academia, many of which are marginally—if ever—addressed in current text books on finance Offers readers access to a companion website featuring invaluable learning and teaching aids Written by a banking practitioner with extensive professional and teaching experience in the field, The Principles of Banking explains exactly how to get back to basics in risk management in the banking community, essential if we are to maintain a sustainable banking industry. “engaging and interesting and, more importantly, easily understood, allowing a clear picture to emerge of how the principle or concept under discussion is to be applied in the real world.” – Graeme Wolvaardt, Head of Market & Liquidity Risk Control, Europe Arab Bank Plc
Купить книгу Risk Management in Banking, автора Joel  Bessis
Risk Management in Banking
Never before has risk management been so important. Now in its third edition, this seminal work by Joël Bessis has been comprehensively revised and updated to take into account the changing face of risk management. Fully restructured, featuring new material and discussions on new financial products, derivatives, Basel II, credit models based on time intensity models, implementing risk systems and intensity models of default, it also includes a section on Subprime that discusses the crisis mechanisms and makes numerous references throughout to the recent stressed financial conditions. The book postulates that risk management practices and techniques remain of major importance, if implemented in a sound economic way with proper governance. Risk Management in Banking, Third Edition considers all aspects of risk management emphasizing the need to understand conceptual and implementation issues of risk management and examining the latest techniques and practical issues, including: Asset-Liability Management Risk regulations and accounting standards Market risk models Credit risk models Dependencies modeling Credit portfolio models Capital Allocation Risk-adjusted performance Credit portfolio management Building on the considerable success of this classic work, the third edition is an indispensable text for MBA students, practitioners in banking and financial services, bank regulators and auditors alike.
Купить книгу Innovation and the Future Proof Bank. A Practical Guide to Doing Different Business-as-Usual, автора
Innovation and the Future Proof Bank. A Practical Guide to Doing Different Business-as-Usual
Innovation, the conversion of the new to business as usual, is a very special business process. It is the business process able to reprogram all others. Creating the practices that make this process work is a key challenge for all in financial services that are worried about responding to the future. When an institution can identify things that are outside its present practices and convert them, production line style, into products, processes, cultural changes, or new markets, it will never be outpaced by internal or external change again. The institution becomes «FutureProof». This is a book about those practices in banks. It explains, using examples from institutions around the world, what it takes to create an innovation culture that consistently introduces new things into undifferentiated markets and internal cultures. It shows how banks can leverage the power of the new to establish unexpected revenue lines, or make old ones grow. And it provides advice on the social and political factors that either help or hinder the germination of the new in banks. Moreover, though, this is a book about the science of innovation in a banking context. Drawing from practices already highly developed in financial services—managing portfolios of assets to mitigate risk—it explains how practitioners can run their innovations groups like any other business line in the bank one that delivers a return on investment predictably and at high multiples of internal cost of capital. For leaders, Innovation and the Future Proof Bank provides the diagnostic tools to guide benchmarking and investment decisions for the innovation function. And for innovation practitioners, the book lays out everything needed to make sure that converting the new to business as usual is predictable, measurable, and profitable.
Купить книгу Трейдинг на валютном рынке для начинающих, автора Майкла Арчера
Электр. книга
Трейдинг на валютном рынке для начинающих
В четвертом издании книги Майкла Арчера представлены обширные теоретические знания и практические навыки для тех, кто впервые пожелал вступить в крупнейшую в мире игру – валютный рынок. Ставя главной целью издания успешный исход в схватке за прибыль, автор вооружает начинающего трейдера акциями и фьючерсами подробнейшими знаниями об особенностях открытия торгового счета, нюансах расстановки и закрытия ордера, раскрывая особенности фундаментального и технического анализа.
Купить книгу Нейтрализация негативного влияния факторов уязвимости национального банковского сектора, автора Коллектива авторов
Электр. книга
Нейтрализация негативного влияния факторов уязвимости национального банковского сектора
Монография подготовлена на основе результатов научно-исследовательской работы по теме «Оценка факторов уязвимости национальной банковской системы Российской Федерации и ее поддержка с учетом эффективности деятельности», выполненной по Государственному заданию Правительства Российской Федерации в 2016 году.
Купить книгу Essentials of Banking, автора
Essentials of Banking
The essential guide for finance professionals in all industries for quick answers to banking questions, Essentials of Banking provides a nuts and bolts presentation explaining the regulatory, business, and people facts of the business of banking in a handy, concise format. It is the only guide you will need containing all the relevant facts of banking, all in one place.
Купить книгу The House of Dimon. How JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon Rose to the Top of the Financial World, автора Patricia  Crisafulli
The House of Dimon. How JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon Rose to the Top of the Financial World
A behind-the-scenes look at Wall Street's top banker Following the eleventh-hour rescue of Bear Stearns by JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon's profile reached stratospheric levels. And while the deals and decisions he's made have usually turned out to be the right ones, his journey to the top of the financial world has been anything but easy. Now, in The House of Dimon, former business journalist Patricia Crisafulli goes behind the scenes to recount the amazing events that have shaped Dimon's career, from his rise to prominence as Sandy Weill's protŽgŽ at Citigroup to the drama surrounding his purchase of Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual. Each step of the way, this engaging book provides insider accounts of how Dimon successfully acquired and integrated companies, created efficiencies, and grew bottom-line results as the consummate hands-on manager. Includes interviews with Dimon himself, Sandy Weill, and colleagues who've known Dimon over the course of his career Shows how Dimon's management style and talent for taking calculated risks have allowed him to excel where many others have failed Places Dimon in the context of contemporary Wall Street, an environment that has destroyed several top CEOs During one of the most difficult and tumultuous periods in Wall Street history, Jamie Dimon has survived and thrived. The House of Dimon reveals how he's done it and explores what lies ahead for Dimon, as he attempts to grow JPMorgan in the face of the unrelenting pressures of Wall Street.
Купить книгу International Economic Indicators and Central Banks, автора
International Economic Indicators and Central Banks
Praise for International Economic Indicators and Central Banks «Anne Picker's International Economic Indicators and Central Banks is a tour de force. It brings together a wealth of information, explanation, and guidance, which has hitherto only been available from disparate and frequently obscure sources, and does so with great clarity and authority. It will be an invaluable resource not only for investors but for all others involved in the fields of finance and economics.» –Donald R. Anderson, OBE FRSE (UK), International Economics Advisor, formerly chief economist, Courtaulds Group «Picker's book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the workings of key central banks, and to the economic data that informs their thinking and policy formation. The book should be required reading for those with more than a passing interest in financial markets and monetary policy formation.» –George Worthington, Chief Economist, Asia Pacific, Thomson-IFR (Australia) «International Economic Indicators and Central Banks is an invaluable guide for anyone doing business overseas or investing in international markets. It is thorough and precise enough for professional economists yet readily accessible to business people and investors. Anne Picker is not only an excellent communicator who demystifies central bank operations and technical economic indicators; she is also a top-notch economist with extensive experience in analyzing them. Don't read any international economic analysis without this volume close at hand.» –David A. Levy, Chairman, The Jerome Levy Forecasting Center
Купить книгу Финансы и Кредит № 48 2017, автора
Финансы и Кредит № 48 2017
В журнале раскрываются современные проблемы теории и практики финансов, денежного обращения и кредита, банковского и страхового дела, рынка ценных бумаг, налоговой политики и финансового права; публикуются рейтинги банков, обзоры динамики и стратегии развития коммерческих банков, исторические обзоры о развитии банковского дела.