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Купить книгу ИТ грамотность и безопасность, автора Саргиса Тарвердяна
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ИТ грамотность и безопасность
Если применять знания из этой книги – цена окупится в разы.Она сбережет ваши деньги, данные, время, энергию, нервы, мозги, здоровье и репутацию.
Купить книгу #instaстиль. Как собирать миллионы лайков в Instagram, автора Эйми Сонг
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#instaстиль. Как собирать миллионы лайков в Instagram
Эта книга поможет прокачать твой Instagram!
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Электронные платежи в интернете
«Задача этой книги – дать читателям исчерпывающие знания о международных платежных системах Visa и MasterCard. Как ни странно, не столь уж многие специалисты, работающие на рынке электронной коммерции, реально представляют себе, как именно устроены карточные платежные системы. В интернет-магазинах таких людей и того меньше, их практически не встретишь, зато требования этого сегмента рынка, обобщенно сводящиеся к фразе «Мы хотим дешевле!», звучат регулярно и зачастую чересчур назойливо. Но я отнюдь не задавался целью удовлетворить потребности клиентов, регулярно умоляющих о значительном сокращении издержек.
Купить книгу Как самостоятельно раскрутить свой аккаунт в Instagram, автора Михаила Владимировича Смирнова
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Как самостоятельно раскрутить свой аккаунт в Instagram
Из этой книги вы узнаете, как вы можете бесплатно и самостоятельно привлекать живых целевых подписчиков на свой аккаунт в социальной сети Instagram. Вы убедитесь, что это настолько просто, что даже ваша бабушка сможет это сделать.
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Telepresence in Training
The different forms of telepresence in education, in distance learning, in student support, in the use of learning environments or even at the heart of robot systems, are developed in universities and higher education facilities specializing in professional training. They constitute opportunities to reform arguments and give rise to important questions: how should we think about the hierarchy of presence and absence in these techniques in order to make possible “the presence of the absent”? What is the effect on mediation processes? On the perception of the body and on identity? How does it transform collaborative work? Telepresence in Training brings together research that attempts to answer these questions by using studies and practical supports from higher education, with regards to teacher training and telepresence robots in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec.
Купить книгу Challenges of the Internet of Things. Technique, Use, Ethics, автора Imad  Saleh
Challenges of the Internet of Things. Technique, Use, Ethics
This book will examine the issues of IoT according to three complementary axes: technique, use, ethics. The techniques used to produce artefacts (physical objects, infrastructures), programs (algorithms, software) and data (Big data, linked data, metadata, ontologies) are the subject of many innovations as the field of IoT is rich and stimulating. Along with this technological boom, IoT uses colonize new fields of application in the fields of transport, administration, housing, maintenance, health, sports, well-being. … Privileged interface with digital ecosystems now at the heart of social exchanges, the IoT develops a power to act whose consequences both good and bad make it difficult to assess a fair business.
Купить книгу Digital Organizations Manufacturing. Scripts, Performativity and Semiopolitics, автора
Digital Organizations Manufacturing. Scripts, Performativity and Semiopolitics
Купить книгу Smart Cities. Reality or Fiction, автора Claude  Rochet
Smart Cities. Reality or Fiction
The intelligence of a city is the capacity to learn: to learn the past, its history and the culture of its territory. Unlike the smart city, we do not build a city from scratch and there is nothing, there is no smart city standard car intelligence is measured this ability to fit into a territorial dynamic, a story and a culture. Continuous learning through instantaneous feedback provides the digital to understand and map the urban system and driver.
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Hyperconnectivity. Economical, Social and Environmental Challenges
The use of digital information and communication technologies would be the traces of a social acceptability of the exploitation of all data, in the context of negotiations of uses. This is the reason why the users present themselves actors and contributors of the hyperconnectivity. We would thus witness a new form of dissemination, inviting user experience and social innovations. It is thus the victory of subordination by negotiated renunciation; A new form of serving, no longer that of the 1980s, with the counters and other services, which have become uncontrolled services – excepted when the users are overcome by restrictive ergonomics, revealing too much the subordination device – which joins the prescription apparently without an injunction. The lure is at its height when users and broadcasters come together to produce the services and goods, composing the business model, until the very existence of the companies, in particular the pure players. Crowdsourcing becomes legitimate: consumers create the content, deliver the data, the basis of the service sold (in a painless way because free access most of the time, indirect financing), the providers make available and administer the service, networks , Interfaces (representing considerable costs), also reputation to attract the attention of other consumers or contributors. In these conditions, the environmental stakes are considerable, so we propose another way of considering them, not as they are dealt with – material and pollution – but according to the prism of the relational practices analyzed in this volume.
Купить книгу Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram For Seniors For Dummies, автора Marsha  Collier
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram For Seniors For Dummies
Enjoy the top social media sites with ease and security Done correctly, social media is a way to connect friends, family, and the world while still maintaining security and privacy. Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram For Seniors For Dummies, 3rd Edition offers advice on how to enjoy the three most popular social media options while avoiding worry about who sees what you share. Written by social media expert Marsha Collier, this book walks you through establishing accounts, making connections, and sharing content including photos and video. You learn the settings to adjust on each platform to maintain privacy and filter out the content you don't want. This book also explains the subtle art of avoiding or blocking people on social platforms without jeopardizing your real-world relationships! Take control of what you share Connect with others Take and share your best pictures Use social media as a news source Social media sites are great fun once you learn how to cut through the clutter—and this book shows you how!
Купить книгу The New IQ: Use Your Working Memory to Think Stronger, Smarter, Faster, автора Tracy  Alloway
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The New IQ: Use Your Working Memory to Think Stronger, Smarter, Faster
Купить книгу Насколько опасны подписчики?, автора Яна Лапоткова
Насколько опасны подписчики?