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Купить книгу Isa ei söö heinu. Anekdootide kogumik, автора
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Isa ei söö heinu. Anekdootide kogumik
Купить книгу The Doris Day Vintage Film Club: A hilarious, feel-good romantic comedy, автора Fiona  Harper
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The Doris Day Vintage Film Club: A hilarious, feel-good romantic comedy
The amazing new romantic comedy from the #1 bestselling author of The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams’Sweet and romantic, a story guaranteed to have you smiling’ – Milly JohnsonThe perfect pair for ‘pillow talk’?Claire Bixby grew up watching Doris Day films at her grandmother’s house and yearned to live in a world like the one on the screen – sunny, colourful and where happy endings were guaranteed. But recently Claire’s opportunities for a little ‘pillow talk’ have been thin on the ground.Until she meets new client Nic who comes into her travel agency looking to book the perfect get away. Too bad it’s for two!But as Nic and Claire get closer, the sparks start to fly, and Claire’s questioning everything Doris taught her about romance.Can true love ever really be just like it is in the movies?Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…Praise for Fiona Harper’Perfect cosy feel you want from a good book' – Paris Baker's Book Nook’A nice warm hug’ – Fabulous Book Fiend’Fiona Harper writes with an abundance of warmth and wit’ -Dot Scribbles’I would whole heartedly recommend this and I will be looking what else Fiona has done’ – Afternoon Bookery’A great romantic read’ – Book Chick CityFans of Jenny Colgan, Abby Clements and Miranda Dickinson will love Fiona Harper's fresh, fun writing
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After Midnight
On exclusive Seabrook Island, South Carolina, Nicole Seymour is simply Nikki–not the glamorous political fund-raiser she is in Charleston. It's her spirited innocence and laughing green eyes that draw Kane Lombard to her from the moment they first meet on the beach. Although he seems as casual and unassuming as any vacationer, Nikki knows who Kane really is: a wealthy Houston oilman… and her brother's biggest political rival.When Kane discovers the truth about Nikki's identity, his desire turns instantly to distrust. Now Kane and Nikki find themselves pitted against each other in a battle that tests their loyalties and their desires. But even the most passionate enemies sometimes become lovers…after midnight.
Купить книгу Die Before I Wake, автора Laurie  Breton
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Die Before I Wake
Just five days after they meet, Julie Hanrahan and Dr. Thomas Larkin exchange vows on a moonlit Caribbean beach, the whirlwind conclusion to a romance that's swept her off her feet. Tom is sexy, witty and charming and Julie's sure she's found her Prince Charming. But not every fairy tale ends happily ever after. With a workaholic husband, a hostile mother-inlaw and a resentful stepdaughter, the honeymoon doesn't last long. Especially after Julie finds out that Tom's first wife didn't die in an accident after all.The cops called her death a suicide, but Julie is convinced that somebody helped Beth over the side of the Swift River Bridge. Every marriage has its secrets. Julie is starting to wonder if she'll survive discovering the truth about hers…or die before she wakes.
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The Shoes of Salvation
A gorgeous hand-lettered poem by Edward Monkton, this is a beautiful duet between a shoe and an admiring lady.THE SHOES OF SALVATION is Edward Monkton’s smile-inducing take on the relationship between a woman and her shoe.The Shoe is the seductive object of the woman’s affection, worshipped and admired from afar as the pinacle of perfection. Only when she can gaze down at these beautiful objects of torture will her life be complete.The perfect card for women of all ages and shoe sizes, this is a development of the stylish Edward Monkton card featuring the Shoe of Salvation.
Купить книгу Mr Golightly’s Holiday, автора Salley  Vickers
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Mr Golightly’s Holiday
Купить книгу Lovers and Newcomers, автора Rosie  Thomas
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Lovers and Newcomers
Купить книгу Idiopathy, автора Sam  Byers
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Купить книгу Hong Kong Belongers, автора Simon  Barnes
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Hong Kong Belongers
Купить книгу Hanging Up, автора Delia  Ephron
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Hanging Up
Купить книгу Future Popes of Ireland, автора Darragh  Martin
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Future Popes of Ireland
Купить книгу Fiona Gibson 3 Book Bundle, автора Fiona  Gibson
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Fiona Gibson 3 Book Bundle